Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Favorites Blogs in 2012

I can't wait to the next post: I'm reading Joanna Goddard's adventures everyday, she is soo funny!She lives in NYC and worked for Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Yves Saint Laurent.
Hope to meet her somewhere, someday.

Jamie Beck is a great artist: her photos are so nice and I try everyday to learn something looking at them. She owns a work space in Lower Manhattan, Ann Street Studio, where she espress her soul with her housband.

Debra lives in the beautiful countryside of Australia: in this blog she collects photography, fashion, interior design, food and amazing travel destinations.

Shini Park was born in Seoul and now Lives in London. She is a graphic designer and works with elegance at her fashion blog. She is also a web designer and everything she creates is full of grace.

This's American girl has got a great fashion taste and her pictures are so good. Love her outfits and her way to smile in every picture!

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