Saturday, November 12, 2011

MIAMI CITY: bayside marketplace and boat trip


Miami Bayside is the best example of the "Miami Experience." Here the Latin party spirit runs rampant and urges you to go wild. Entertainment is easy to find at the Bayside Marketplace. There is always a great band on the central stage and street performers will dazzle you with their skills and illusions.
Miami Bayside's shopping is what attracts people, but with over 115 shops and restaurants, most people never get to see everything! Bayside Marketplace is a mall on the port of Miami and includes most major store branches like "Starbucks","Foot Locker" and Hard Rock Cafè.

In the next pictures you can see some of the most beautiful houses built in the 3 private islands between miami city and miami beach: you can have a look of them just on a boat!Their owners were/are people such us Sylvester Stallone, Shakira,al Capone, Puff Daddy,Shaquille O'Neal and others of that kind:)


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    1. Thank you so much, I felt in love with the beauty of the city!

  2. Wonderful ! Thank you !


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