Tuesday, June 21, 2011

V.I.P. (very important people 4me)

My love Francesco and my little brother Stefano
Can't live without them!

 My fake cousin Silvia

My adorable friend Erica from Turin..far away from me! :(

my university sisters: Giulia and Viola!!

OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN! My "brother" Fede!


 My Fashion-Friends Mimi and Bea!

my sister in law Vale ( even if sometimes she is cruel with me!:))

Elisa and Gian: I know u'll hate me now cause I've posted this pics you dislike!^^

My english friend Claire and my Canadien Jamie!

There're a lot of other friends in my heart but unluckily we don't have photos together! 

Thank you: Ema,Cami Luca, my cousin SEFI and all STRA staff!

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