Wednesday, June 8, 2011

just return from KIKO

Hi folks! i'm just at home after a little bit of shopping with my mum: 
I've only bought some make-up from KIKO shop.
Take a look!
Do you have some of the things I've bought?
Tell me!

Salve gente! sono appena tornata a casa dopo uno shopping davvero piccolino con la mami:
ho solo comprato qualche trucco da KIKO.
Dateci un'occhiata!
Avete anche voi qualcosa di quel che ho comprato?
bacini bacettiiii

P.S. these nail polish are from H&M, I've bought them more than a month ago but I haven't tryed them on yet!
P.S. questi smalti sono di H&M, li ho comprati piu di un mese fa ma devo ancora provarli!


  1. love the lipstick!!!!! the color is stunning!! what's the number of that colour? thanks a lot :o)

  2. Hey Lu! Can you wait till Thursday? I'm not at home so I can't remember the number! If you really need it I can ask my mum to for it!

  3. of course I can wait!! you are so cute!! I follow you!! <3

  4. sorry for my lack!:) it's number 84!


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