Thursday, June 2, 2011

friday morning shopping

Tomorrow I'll have a morning enterely dedicated to shopping!
I have some money to spend and I want to go and donate all to Zara:
here there're some of the things I've seen and I'd like to try on and touch!
I will tell you how it will goes!!

 This little bag is more like a wallet than a bag^^ but it's very cheap and the colours are really good matched. I remember there were also other combination but this one is a perfect friend for the lovely shoes at the top of the page!!
 Don't really sure about these...

Wonderful sandal but I think every girl in the world (or a good part of us) would like to buy them. So I''m not going to do the same, i wanna be different!:) 
Really bon-ton, better for my mum!!^^

Outfits that I use to wear in this days: what do you think about them?

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