Saturday, May 28, 2011

something about me

Hi! I want to show you some pics from my childhood: I really enjoyed myself when i was a little baby and these photos reminds me a lot of good memories.
 EVERY KID in the world should have a nice infancy: really hope one day it will be normal.

Here I am in Jesolo beach (Venice) at 1 years old!
"would you like ice cream, sweety?"
" already eat!!"

In my old house's garden you can see how much I love my mum's sunglasses!

I really love that dress: so sunny!! And I really like swimming and sea and pools, like when i was 4!

My favorite gifts for my b-day and X-mas was BARBIE! Infact, my friends call me in that way when I was younger!!
Here you can see my MOTORBIKE and my old living room: sooo lovely!

Some pics from my 11 and 15 years old: it's quite a life ago but I'm very similar, doesn't I?

The wonderful sea you 're admiring at my shoulder is djerba's.
Who want to have a bath, rise his hand!!

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